Microbial Bioanalyzer – Features + Benefits

Key Features

Advantages Benefits
Aseptic sample collection
  • Reduce operational costs by reducing false positives
Based on approved MF technique
  • Consistent with regulated procedures for membrane filtration
Compact (15 lbs; 7″x8″x12″)
  • Enable testing in: the field (at sampling site), mobile-lab vehicle, companies’ facility, or crowded laboratory with limited benchtop space
  • Increase revenue by offering in-the-field testing services
Sample volumes of 0.1mL to 1,000mL
  • Reduce equipment/material costs by removing the need for separate/additional equipment to process varying sample volumes
Sample volume control
  • Increase productivity by automating liquid volume control
  • Meet regulatory compliance requiring specific sample volume
Minimal technical skill required
  • Reduce hiring/training costs and occurrence of human-borne errors
  • Eliminate test readout errors and user-interpretation uncertainties
16-sample random access testing
  • Allows comparison studies and simultaneous sample testing
  • Increase efficiencies with ability to begin or end tests without interrupting other tests in progress
Reduced volume of materials
  • Save on cost/test or provide customers with competitive cost/test pricing
  • Reduce operational costs by reducing the amount materials that need to be shipped, stored, decontaminated and disposed of
Colony enumeration, identification, recovery
  • Automated presence/absence results reporting provides stakeholders with actionable information guiding timely, cost-saving decisions
  • Increase efficiencies with automatic semi-quantitative results reporting and quantitative results reports via visual colony counting
  • Subsequently isolate colonies for traditional biochemical confirmation and identification assays
Proprietary MF assay cartridge (16mm – 47mm membrane filters)
  • Reduce labor and operational costs by reducing false positives
  • Decrease test time via concentration of sample constituents
  • Minimize risk of contamination with filtering, rinsing, culturing, and analysis all being completed in the enclosed assay cartridge.
  • Transition between different size membranes depending on application/test requirement(s) reducing separate equipment costs
LIMS compatible
  • Increase productivity with cost-effective laboratory management
Self-contained incubator
  • Reduce equipment costs by not requiring separate incubation chamber
Use standard vacuum source or portable peristaltic pump
  • Minimal costs to implement in laboratory environment
  • Easily move and conduct MF tests in a mobile setting
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