Research & Development
Continuous Innovation

Within their platform technologies of liquid sample preparation, microbial sensing, oxygen sensing, and ammonia sensing, Photonic BioSystems continues to develop innovative products for worldwide application in the medical, food, environment, and life science industries.

The foundation of Photonic BioSystems’ research and development is based on providing novel solutions to complex problems whereby the solution must have the following characteristics:

  • Low-cost device/instrumentation
  • Non-contact and non-invasive sensing capability
  • Simple operation for user(s)
  • Rapid detection of sought after entities
  • Low-cost disposables/consumables
  • Diverse utilization with multiple-market application

The successful biotech company has won 12 SBIR grants from the Department of Defense, National Institutes of Health, the United States Department of Agriculture, and the Life Sciences Discovery Fund. More than half of these were phase 2 grants, validating the research and development capabilities of the company.


Among other notable accomplishments, Photonic BioSystems has been awarded the prestigious US Army Quality Research Award for their discoveries in microbiological sensing and detection technologies. The company has also commercialized products derived from their ammonia sensing platform technology through Pacific Sentry, a spinoff that provides ammonia sensors for gaseous and aquatic applications in commercial and non-commercial markets.

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