Oxygen Sensing

Overview of the system

Photonic BioSystems has developed technology for measuring oxygen non-invasively inside sealed packages for the food, beverage, medical, pharmaceutical and electronics industries. Using optical interrogation, it eliminates destructive package testing and enables non-contact, rapid, real-time O2 measurements. The sensory approach is versatile, measuring O2 either in the gas phase environment of a dry package, in the headspace of a liquid package, or of dissolved-oxygen in fluids and beverages.

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This innovative approach makes “smart packages” by incorporating a small amount of an oxygen-sensitive luminescent dye within the polymer/film of the package itself. Sensor capability can be engineered into diverse package materials from which packages are made, such as flexible films, rigid trays, or closures. O2-sensing polymer films can be made from nearly any grade of packaging plastic designed for food, pharmaceutical or electronics packaging. The multilayer barrier packaging films have been fabricated with oxygen-sensing layers that demonstrate functionality for O2 measurements with no harmful effect on the film’s other properties. Alternatively, sensors can be made singly as small discrete labels or tags that are put in packages.

Since the instrument that optically interrogates the package is small, practical for use as a portable O2-scanner, it is deployable as a hand-held inspection tool to monitor product in the distribution path. Product inspection could be performed anywhere in the supply chain- up to the point of sale or use- to ensure storage, shipping, handling abuse or other manner of breach has not compromised package integrity and quality.

This technology will raise the standard for package quality, efficiency, and safety of delivered goods. By utilizing this proprietary method, O2-sensing films can be produced economically allowing use even in relatively cost-sensitive packaging operations; the dye can even be incorporated into films at concentrations so low that it cannot be seen by eye. All stakeholders in the distribution/supply chain of sealed product stand to benefit from the advent of this technology.

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