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Photonic BioSystems provides market-disruptive sensing solutions for protecting the human health, water/food supply, and environment of the world. With over 25 years of award-winning research, Photonic BioSystems specializes in the development of liquid handling techniques, opto-electronic instruments, and bioassay systems. Their platform technologies enable rapid sampling, detection, and measurement of bacteria, cells, microorganisms and microbial contaminants- including E. coli, total coliform, MRSA and other microbes. The innovative biotech company also develops technologies for ultra-sensitive and rapid detection of oxygen and ammonia.

Their business strategy consists of a simple three-prong approach:

  1. Develop sensing technologies to proof-of-concept/prototype status
  2. Out-license/JV with strategic corporate partner(s)
  3. Take the technology to market on a global scale


The positive social and economic impacts of these technologies are limited only by the company’s imagination to create the next game-changing sensor technology. Any organization desiring to peer into the future of sensing and detection technologies is highly recommended to contact Photonic BioSystems.

Photonic BioSystems works with and is supported by the: DOD, USDA, NIH, and LSDF to design, develop and provide turnkey sensing solutions, including: standalone test instruments, growth media, test cartridges, and liquid sample preparation devices- as well as provide testing as a service. The core technologies they have created (microbial-, oxygen-, ammonia-sensing, and liquid sample prep) can be utilized in a wide variety of applications and industries ranging from sterility testing for the pharmaceutical industry to incontinence monitoring for the healthcare industry; from bio-security for the agriculture industry to water quality assurance for the aquatic industry.

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