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Photonic BioSystems’ applies its core technology competencies in optical sensing, life sciences, and device development, to build its platform technologies. Each platform, fostered by an expert team in engineering, sensor technology and application development, has provided a dynamic technological foundation for creating multiple products within multiple industries.

Bacteria/Cell Sensing

Rapid microbial detection of E. coli, total coliform & other contaminant indicator organisms in 8 hrs or less.

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Liquid Sample Preparation

Enclosed-filtration devices and methods for in-line fluid handling.

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Oxygen Sensing

Rapid, non-invasive & non-contact detection of oxygen levels inside sealed packages/vessels.

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Ammonia Sensing

Ultra-sensitive & rapid detection of ammonia in gas or liquid environments.

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The overarching goal with each of the platforms is to “invent and deliver a new market-disruptive technology that has the potential to make a significant, positive impact – socially and economically – on a global scale.” Photonic BioSystems’ technologies offer an innovative combination of methods utilizing proprietary techniques, devices, and integrated sensor solutions for addressing:

  • Unmet market needs and limitations of existing products
  • Problems with conventional technologies needing better, faster, cheaper solutions

Targeted sensor markets encompass bio-medical, pharmaceutical, health-care, life sciences, water and environmental, food & beverage processing and packaging, cold-storage, agriculture and industrial-process monitoring.

Enabling hallmarks of Photonic BioSystems’ technologies:

  1. Inexpensive, disposable sensors and assay cartridges
  2. Non-contact and non-invasive
  3. Diverse utilization
  4. Analysis of contents of closed cartridges, vessels and packages
  5. Rapid and sensitive sensor responses
  6. Optical interrogation detects and measures florescence, phosphorescence, and/or color change
Inquire about Licensing these Technologies

Photonic BioSystems actively seeks strategic relationships with companies and individuals that result in mutually rewarding benefits. These relationships take the form of IP licensing agreements, corporate partnerships, joint ventures, and corporate/private funding investments.

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