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Title: Filtered Assay Device and Method
Patent Number: 8,968,681
Application Number: 12/582,425
Filed: October 20, 2009
Issued: March 3, 2015.  Term adjustment 496 days.
Official Filing: View the Complete Patent at the US Patent & Trademark Office
Abstract: A method and device is provided for collecting filterable material to perform assays on a filtration apparatus by applying negative-pressure to the inlet chamber of the filtration apparatus which is independent of negative or positive pressure applied to its fluid path. The negative-pressure applied to the inlet chamber serves to actively aspirate fluid and promote flow into the inlet chamber via the fluid pathway. The negative-pressure applied to the inlet chamber facilitates the use of either negative or positive-pressure based fluid-filtration approaches. Use of the invention improves the functionality and scope of applications that can be performed with enclosed filtration apparatuses.


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