Liquid Sample Preparation – Features + Benefits

Key Features

Sample Prep Advantages Benefits
Aseptic sample collection
  • Reduce operational costs and reduce false positives
Based on classic MF method
  • Consistency with regulated procedures for membrane filtration
Eliminate in-line filter “air-locks”
  • Enables new, practical applications, otherwise not feasible
Sample-volume flexibility 0.1 mL to > 1,000 mL
  • Reduce equipment/material costs by removing the need for separate/additional equipment to process varying sample volumes
  • Increase versatility and the process efficiency of FC applications
Controllable filtration volume:

  • Amount sample aspirated
  • Collected filtrate
  • Precisely control uptake of a specified volume of sample fluid, depending on application/test requirement(s)
  • Increase productivity by automating volume-control
  • Meet regulatory compliance requiring specific sample size, e.g. 100 mL
Minimal technical skill required
  • Reduce hiring and training costs
  • Reduce occurrence and cost of human-borne errors
  • Expand personnel pool for who can properly conduct MF testing
Compatible with 47mm, 35mm, 25mm, and 16mm membranes filters
  • Continue use of 47mm membrane filters
  • Easily transition between different size membranes depending on application/test requirement(s)
  • Reduce equipment cost by only needing one piece of equipment for different diameter filters
Reduce volume of materials needed to filter sample
  • Save on cost/test
  • Reduce operational costs by reducing the amount materials that need to be shipped, stored, decontaminated and disposed of
  • Provide customers w/ competitive cost/test pricing
Micro & Bioassay Advantages Benefits
Filter sample, capture organisms, rinse as needed, aspirate culture media/reagents, incubate, and analyze colony growth- all in enclosed culture system.
  • Reduce labor costs associated with sample preparation and processing
  • Reduce risk of filter and sample contamination by minimizing exposure to external environment
  • Eliminate manual operation of filter membrane transfer to another vessel for culture after filtration
  • Conduct testing in the field immediately upon sample collection
  • Increase revenue by offering in-the-field testing services
Concentrate harvested organisms
  • Decrease assay time via concentration of the sample test constituents
Microbial-barrier air vent
  • Minimize risk of contamination by keeping out airborne contaminants
Enumerate & identify colony growth
  • Count colonies by eye manually or using or automated colony counters/analyzers
  • Pick isolated colonies from filter membrane for traditional biochemical confirmation and identification assays
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