Value Proposition
Benefits of Our Technology

The benefits realized by those who adopt Photonic BioSystems’ technologies are numerous and far reaching. The economic benefits alone can justify the business case for implementation. This simplified list of benefits gives a minimal outcome of improvements that can be captured when using these innovative sensing technologies.

It is Photonic BioSystems’ belief that, “more effective, efficient and economical product testing will allow businesses to better provide safe and healthy products which will result in our families, children and society being healthier and safer.” The true value of these technologies is in their ability to literally help protect the human health, food/water supply, and environment of the world.

The benefits include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Reduced inventory and holding costs
  • Increased production capacity and amount of saleable product
  • Savings on labor costs – QA,QC,RA redirected to other business activities or savings realized in the bottom line
  • Greater in-process efficiencies
  • Quicker release of salable products
  • Reduced cost on a per test basis
  • Earlier warning to take corrective action, i.e. keeping contaminated products from entering the marketplace
  • Reduced final product delays
  • Faster cycle time(s)
  • Competitive advantage in testing speed, while at the same time not requiring large initial capital outlays
  • Minimal alteration to facilities
  • Improved quality and safety standards
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